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$700 or more:
Rosemarie Behnke
Steven Behnke
Virginia Dato Sr.
Virginia Dato Jr.
Audrey Flores
$50 or more:

Andrew Wolkstein
Modern Woodmen of America

$100 or more:

Michael Alster
American Legion Post. 4 of Vineland, NJ
American Legion Post. 95 of Bridgeton, NJ
Grant Connelly
Karleen Hayden
Jari Villanueva 

Levels of Sponsorship

$10 (listed on

$25 ($10 level plus a thank you message on social social media)

$50 ($25 level plus a all below plus a credit in the DVD that will be distributed to Veterans in long term care)

$100 ($50 level plus an invitation to the private concert you sponsored)

$175 (1/4 Concert Sponsor, $100 level plus a copy of the DVD that will be made available to Veterans in long term care)

$350 (1/2 Concert Sponsor, $175 level plus personal video of thanks from the trip in front of the concert location)

$525 (3/4 Concert Sponsor, $350 level plus photo with the brass)

$700 (Full Concert Sponsor,$525 level plus lunch with the Brass Players)

2014 #BrassMusic4Vets


See map for details

Note: All performances are private for Veterans who live at the long term care facility. Only concert sponsors who donate $100 or more will receive a special invitation to attend.

A   8/9/2014   NY State Veterans' Home at St. Albans

B   8/9/2014   Northport VA Medical Center

C   8/10/2014   Connecticut State Veterans Home

D   8/10/2014   Newington, CT VA Medical Center

E    8/11/2014   Rhode Island Veterans Home

F    8/11/2014   Chelsea Massachusetts Soldiers' Home

G   8/12/2014   Scarborough Maine Veterans' Home

H   8/13/2014   VA Maine (Togus)

I    8/13/2014   Augusta Maine Veterans Home

J    8/14/2014   Manchester, NH VA Medical Center

K   8/14/2014   New Hampshire Veterans Home

L   8/15/2014   Vermont Veterans Home #

M  8/15/2014   Rutland, VT Concert for Veterans #

N  8/16/2014   Wells, VT Parade #

O  8/16/2014   Ticonderoga Festival #

P  8/17/2014   Holyoke Massachusetts Soldiers' Home

Q  8/18/2014   Montrose, NY VA Medical Center

R  8/18/2014   Montrose New York Veterans Home

S  8/18/2014   Castle Point, NY VA Medical Center

T  8/19/2014   New Jersey Veterans Memorial Home Paramus*

U  8/19/2014   New Jersey Veterans Memorial Home Menlo Park*

V   8/20/2014   New Jersey Veterans Memorial Home Vineland*

W  8/20/2014   Wilmington, Delaware VA Medical Center*

X   8/21/2014   Charlotte Hall, MD Veterans Home*

Y  8/21/2014.  United States Soldier's And Airmen's Home, Washington D.C.*

* Performances recorded to be compiled for the DVD Special

# Public Performance

Schedule is subject to change

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    We thank our #BrassMusic4Vets 2014 Tour sponsors:

    $10 or more:

    Ed Knox
    Judith Lapichuk

    $25 or more:

    James Brierty
    John Burson
    Robert Grider
    Clarence Sickles

    $175 or more:

    Rotary Club of Darien, CT
    Budd Wiesenberg
    $350 or more:

    Bergen County American Legion
    Central Jersey Chapter #148 Korean War
    Chief Petty Officer's Association
    Aurora Flores
    Gary Vorwald

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