Our Impact.

Since 2010, the Patriot Brass Ensemble has performed Mission Concerts for thousands of veterans in long-term care facilities. Our free concerts bring pride, joy, and spirited music to those who served our country.

Over 95% of long-term care facilities in the Northeast have been served thanks to our supporters!

With your help, we can grow our impact to serve every veteran nationwide.



States and Washington DC served

Northeast Patriot Brass Ensemble


Years performing for veterans

Since the first concert in 2010, The Patriot Brass Ensemble has emerged as the premier civilian brass ensemble dedicated to performing for veterans.



Performances Per Year

The Patriot Brass Ensemble performs over 100 times a year!

In addition to our mission concerts for veterans in long term care, we perform for parades, ceremonies, concerts and private events - many in honor of our country’s military tradition.


Our Programs.

Our Mission Concert programs bring five of our most skilled musicians to every performance. The unit plays music in a wide variety of styles, and with many years of experience, our musicians know how to best engage and connect with their veteran audience. Many musicians perform for the same facilities year after year, building impactful relationships with residents.

We end every concert with a service music medley, inviting our veterans to stand and be recognized for their branch of service.

Music connects to every veteran on a personal level; it is an honor and privilege to serve them.
— Steven Behnke, Executive Director
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Get Involved.

Supporters fuel our mission!

Thanks to the dedicated time, endless energy, and generous donations from our volunteers and donors, we can keep high-quality programming free for our veterans in long term care.


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