Our friends

The Patriot Brass Ensemble loves veterans and is proud to have close connections to many veterans organizations. We are also friends with many units that perform outside the greater New York City area. If you are looking for a group to perform outside of our service area, check out our friends as well!

NYC Veterans Alliance
Drumlines of America

NYC veterans alliance

We have been friends with them for years, they fight so hard for the veterans of NYC and beyond. They are a great membership organization for veterans and their supporters.


Drumlines of America - florida, Southeast United states

Are you looking for a great drumline in Florida and the southeastern United States? Contact our friends at Drumlines of America: https://drumlinesofamerica.com/

Boom Marching Band

Boom Marching band - arizona, southwest united states

Our friends at Boom Marching Band in the southwest are amazing. They are based out of Arizona but perform all over the Southwest: http://www.marchingbandboom.com

All American Brass.jpg

All American brass - baltimore, midatlantic united states

Our friends down in Baltimore are fantastic, we have worked with them for years as well: http://www.allamericanbrass.com/