Our mission.

Our Mission is to bring five or more of our most skilled musicians to every veterans in the United States annually. The unit plays music in a wide variety of styles, and with many years of experience, our musicians know how to best engage and connect with their veteran audience. Many musicians perform for the same facilities year after year, building impactful relationships with residents.

We end every concert with a service music medley, inviting our veterans to stand and be recognized for their branch of service.

We also perform for various events related to the lives of veterans outside veterans homes including parades, ceremonies, concerts and other special events where our music can be used to make a better quality of life for veterans.

Mission Statement

The organization's mission is to bring musical enjoyment to military veterans and other groups. In addition, the organization educates the public about the continuing and special needs of veterans in order to raise public awareness.

Performing for veterans in long term care.